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Everything you need to know about YourEventFREE.com

If you're organising a show, family fun day, gig, festival, open day or exhibition, don’t keep it a secret. It costs NOTHING to publicise it here at YourEventFREE.com, and it brings your event to a far wider range of people – and the more people who know about it, the more people are likely to attend!

It doesn't matter what kind of Event you'd like to advertise - with over 100 categories to choose from, you'll find you can promote, publicise or advertise any kind of Event here, completely free of charge. Even if you've listed your Event somewhere else, you can add your Event here and promote it still further, at no cost.

Register with us and we'll share the news of your Event Listing with the rest of the World on your behalf. Most of the visitors to this website are from overseas, so you know that your Event is getting the widest possible exposure. www.YourEventFREE.com is available in any language.


You don’t have to ask permission to talk about an event with your family and friends, do you? Listing an Event here and bringing it to the attention of far more people isn’t exactly going to upset the organisers either. The success of an event is largely judged by attendance on the day, so you’ll be doing them a favour.

Once you’ve listed an Event you can go to that page, click the red + sign on the left of the screen, and share the listing on your Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media and tell even more people about it!


You'll find we have Venues listed in many countries, and Events advertised globally. www.YourEventFREE.com is fast becoming THE place to advertise your music event, your theatre production, or maybe a business event you'd like people to attend.


First, you can sign in with Facebook if you wish. Or you can create an account with www.YourEventFREE.com, in the assurance that your personal details remain private and will never be sold on!

Choose a category, give the time, date, and location of the Event, along with a brief description - and you have just placed an advert to promote your own Event, completely FREE!

But it doesn't end there....

EVERY Featured Event, regardless of what kind of Event it is, can have all the following;

  • Up to TEN photographs. That can be up to ten photographs of your band playing, ten items from your exhibition, or ten pictures of items you have for sale.
  • You can embed VIDEO from an Internet Video site (You Tube, Google Video, or any of the others) .
  • You're welcome to add a link back to your own website.
  • Add details of your own Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media.
  • Why not add Ticket Prices, opening and closing times, plus any contact details.
  • Complete your listing with a Google Map to your Event, showing the venue so people can find you on the day. People can even download driving directions!
  • You can even add something for people to PRINT OUT AT HOME AND BRING WITH THEM - such as a Car Park pass, a Discount Voucher, a Programme, a Sales Catalogue (there was a band recently that had a Gorilla Mask for people to print out and bring to the show! Don't ask....)


If you own or are involved in somewhere which hosts events, you can ADD A VENUE (with all of the benefits listed above). Free publicity means more people through your doors!


Are you at your wit's end, trying to find Events to keep your kids entertained during the holiday?

Would you like to go out at the weekend but you don't know what's on? Use the SEARCH EVENTS facility and see what's on in your area - it's completely FREE to see what's on, everywhere and anywhere.

When you're away on holiday why not search for that 'must-see' event before you go?

You'd hate to hear about what you've missed whilst you were there, just because you didn't know it was on!

You can list YOUR Event HERE! Completely FREE OF CHARGE.

There are no loopholes, there is no catch. You can add your entertainment event, your business event, any kind of event here. There is nothing to pay. Feel free to add your Event in whichever category you feel is appropriate.

This is a NEW WEBSITE so let's get a wide range of Events added here. At last, here's an opportunity to broadcast news of your Event, without worrying about publicity for it, or attendance. Nobody will ever need to buy a newspaper for the 'What's happening where you live' section alone, ever again!

If you feel there is a listing category missing, or you have any helpful hints or comments, please feel free to email Admin@YourEventFREE.com and let us know.


This website is already popular, with visits from across the World and it's only going to get bigger. We are always looking to improve our SPONSORED ADVERTISING which pays for the site and keeps it FREE OF CHARGE for the people who enjoy it and make use of it.  www.YourEventFREE.com attracts interest from around the globe, and presents an UNRIVALLED OPPORTUNITY to bring YOUR brand into the lives of thousands of new potential customers.

If you would like your company to take advantage of this Marketing Opportunity and reach an untapped, worldwide market, please email Admin@YourEventFREE.com.

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