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How to advertise your Event with YourEventFREE

We’ve worked really hard to make sure that listing your Event is as easy as possible. Just follow these simple steps to help you create something that will tempt as many people as possible into coming to your Event!

1 – Register and create a profile.

You’ll need to register with www.YourEventFREE.com if you haven’t done so already –it’s a good idea (once you’ve registered) to create a Profile too, as this is where you can add all your Social Media, website links, a Logo, a photo, and some biographical detail, which gives even more detail to your Event listings and ties them all together.

For a video on how to register, click here.

If you’ve already registered, click Login and go straight to step 2!


2 – select the ‘Add Event’ tab.

(Then select ‘Create new Event Listing’ on the left of the page).


3 – select a Category for your Event.

We’ve got well over 100 categories to choose from, so you should be able to find one that’s ideal for you. And if you can’t, let us know – we’re always looking to add even more.

Click ‘Next’....


4 – select your Plan.

If you just want a basic listing with no photographs, select Free Event Listing.

If you really want to impress, select Featured Event Listing. You can put more into a Featured Event Listing, it enjoys premium positioning on our www.YourEventFREE.com home page – and we might even give you a mention on Twitter or Facebook....

Click ‘Next’....


5 – add your Event Listing Details.

So you went for a Featured Event Listing? Knock yourselves out – there’s room for as much detail as you can manage.

And not just the name of your Event, an enticing description (there’s room for 10,000 characters), ticket details, a website, a phone number, and if the Event is suitable for kids or not.

Here is where you can add up to 10 photographs, you can embed video from your YouTube channel, add a document for people to print out and bring with them....

...and then there’s the important stuff.

Hint: If you don't have a printable document of your own to add, how about this one?  You'll be doing your favourite, free-for-everyone-to-use Events Listing website a favour...


6 – add your Dates and Times.

Just click on the calendar to get the appropriate date of your Event, and a box will appear for you to enter the Start and End times. The clock works in 12 hour format, in your local time.

If your Event is over several days, just click on the other days on the calendar – the times will be the same as the first day, automatically. If your Event reoccurs several times on one day (for example, theatre performances) just click on that day more than once and adjust the times accordingly.


7 – add your Venue.

Type in a keyword for your venue – it might have already been added, saving you the trouble.

If it hasn’t, simply add the name and address and add a map. You’re done!

The maps are supplied by Google – as excellent as they are though, they might occasionally get it slightly wrong. If you’re in any doubt, choose ‘Let me map it myself’ and make sure the map is 100% accurate.


8 – select Submit Listing.

Assuming you don’t want to save it as a draft of course, so you can come back to it later.

Congratulations – you’ve just created an advert for your Event!


And if you have a Venue to advertise....


If you have a venue that hosts events, why not advertise it FREE with www.YourEventFREE.com?

Simply register and create a really strong profile (with your social media, website, logo, as above); choose the Add Venue tab; and create your listing!

A Featured Venue listing will let you add up to 10 photos, video, a Google Map (make sure it’s accurate!), a printable document, opening times, contact details, you name it – even a 10,000-character space for a description.

Don’t forget to select Allow others to add Events to this listing!

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